At Round Table, we can make friends whilst helping our local community

There is something for everyone at Round Table. Whether you want to make new friends and do something different, or you want to make a difference to your local community, or both.

Make new friends
Make friends with like-minded individuals from your local community.
Help local causes
Raise money to donate to local causes and make an impact at your local community.
Do something different
Knife throwing, gliding, countryside walks or a beer and mean at a local pub. At Round Table, you have the chance to try new things.
Look after yourself
Men's mental health is a hot subject currently. Having positive relationships and living a fulfilling life are key elements for a healthy mind.
  • Children In Need

    Every year, we take Pudsey around the pubs in Royston and surrounding villages to raise money for the BBC Children In Need. Our members really enjoy going around dressed as Pudsey and feel the warm welcome and support from the community.

  • Santa Float

    The Round Table Santa Float makes a big impact in our community. It is great to see the kids and parents waiting for Santa to come to their neighbourhood every Christmas time. It is also our biggest fundraising event, raising over £5,000 every year, which we donate to local causes.

  • International Events

    From time to time, we have a chance to meet other tables at our international events. This one was in Imatra - Finland.

  • Fundraising

    We take every opportunity to rattle our buckets and collect money for local causes. Looking after the less fortunate in our community is at the heart of what we do.