Why we do it – Above all, it’s fun!
And we can do so much more as a group than as individuals. We’ve been able to organize and take part in a variety of novel pursuits ~ from black tie dinners with international sporting heroes as speakers to wearing a Santa suit, cutting down a forty foot Xmas tree, scuba diving, paintball, raft building, mountain climbing and cultural visits. The good news is it doesn’t cost us an arm and a leg either.

We are part of the community
A very strong team spirit is developed within the club. This makes it really easy for us to pool our skills into doing something useful for the community; whether it’s raising money for worthy causes or organizing local events. Our annual Santa’s Sleigh is an excellent example of an enjoyable fundraising activity that also provides a great service to our community.

The wider community
A perfect example of the way the international Round Table organization works occurred when a flooding hit Cockermouth. Within hours, our national president had been contacted by the local Cockermouth Round Table for whatever assistance we could offer. Support was provided from across the world, and a significant sum was raised – this has been distributed directly by the local Round Table and their Tablers to those in the local area. People like you and I could call on Tablers in other countries in our hour of need.